Barnes, E.J. – Blaster Al Ackerman’s Tales of the Ling Master #2


Blaster Al Ackerman’s Tales of the Ling Master #2

I seem to have found another character that will always cause me to enjoy a comic: a very large living burrito that is set on revenge.  Of course, as I’ll almost certainly never see that in another comic, it is a tough theory to prove.  This is another collection of stories adapted from the tales of Blaster Al Ackerman, and once again it is a pile of thoroughly unique and bizarre tales.  First up is The White Bat, in which a neighbor of the Ling Master (and please see older reviews for the story on that guy, or just read the comics) calls for help, as he’s being prevented from leaving his apartment or going to the fridge by what he thinks is a giant, man-shaped bat.  The Ling Master, as always, puzzles out the possible solution to the problem, but not quite in time to prevent a murder.  I’ll leave the identity of the murderer a secret, if that’s OK with you.  The second story is called “I, The Stallion”, which I reviewed many years ago as a stand-alone mini. A man tries to convince a friend to break his arm, as he believes the only way to bring some magic back to the world is through being able to kiss his own elbow, and such a thing can’t be done without the arm being broken.  Finally there’s “Miss Mantis”, in which a paranoid man seeks to get away from his bank and a female teller that he sees as secretly being a giant malicious mantis.  The Ling Master, as always, is there to help/feed paranoia (depending on your perspective), and gives the man the advice to burn his large collection of dried turkey sphincters in a public place and to hump the firemen when they come to put it out.  This works like a charm… at least briefly.  Once again, I absolutely love the ambiguity in these stories.  Is the Ling Master a crank, preying on irrational fears for money?  Or does he actually offer useful information to people in their time of need (for money)? I have my theory, but yours may differ.  Regardless, these are required reading for anybody who needs their entertainment just a little bit odd.  $3

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