Hill, Dan – The Fifty-Flip Experiment #11


The Fifty-Flip Experiment #11

In case you’re curious, yes, the back cover does show the end result from the pose depicted on the front cover.  No, I am not going to show it to you.  Buy the damned book!  Although at the moment Dan’s website appears to be down, and this has also followed a prolonged period of inactivity for the man, so the signs are ominous.  Still, I heard it from the man himself that he will put out another issue, so that’s settled, and I’m sure the site will be up and humming again soon, along with all of humanity learning to love each other.  In “I have to complain at least a little bit” news, the unerased pencil lines are fewer this time around, but the copy smudges and dark spots more than make up for it.  Nothing to be done about it now, so  on to the content!  Stories in here include a running fake newscast gag (involving the horrors of kids reading “e-texts” that are meant for adults and a commercial for a slinky de-tangler), sorting out some angst, the dangers of Garden State addiction, getting a body mod for the kermit face, and a series of strips with the same punchline that somehow got funnier each time, leading up to a grotesquery of funny.   And here’s a fun fact for your Optical Sloth trivia game: I bought a bookcase off Craigslist from Dan Hill.  If you live in town and find something he’s willing to sell, he may even drive it to your house.  I’m mentioning this to point out what a swell guy he is and that maybe you should buy his comics.  Just as soon as he gets his website up and running again…

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