Miers, John – Slab Comix Deluxe Edition


Slab Comix Deluxe Edition

If you’ve been reading this site for a very, very long time, you probably remember the wonderful world of Slab.  If not, well, that’s why I keep all the old reviews on this site, and you can go check out the old issues of Slab now if you like.  Not a thing in the world is stopping you.  This is supposed to be the collected edition, but I have to start off on a sour note: my favorite story from the first issue of Slab, the tale of some workplace drudgery, isn’t in this volume.  Ah well, nobody is ever really happy with a “best of” collection, somebody always has to bitch and point out that it doesn’t have THEIR favorite story.  Today, I am that guy.  Luckily there are still plenty of great stories in this one, including Slab Rogers (in which our hero crash lands onto a planet and it attacked by all organic life on said planet), A Brief History of Slab (the history of the world told by Slabs, at least my second-favorite story of Slab made it to this collection), Slab Marlowe in “The Big Slab” (and you haven’t lived you’ve seen Slab Marlowe talk about how well a woman Slab is built), and Bruce Slab: Enter the Slab (exactly what you might think, it’s a martial arts battle between two Slabs and a genuinely wonderful thing).  Every one of these stories is up at his website, so it’s the easiest thing in the world to form your own opinion about the guy.  As for me, he sent me his books way back in the early days of the website, and I missed the world of Slab.  It looks like he’s moved on to different things (I’ll get around to reviewing the other book he sent in a week or so), but the Slabs will always rule.  Maybe if I bug him enough he’ll put my favorite Slab tale up on his website too.  No price, but I’d say $6 because it seems like a good random number for this sort of thing…

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