Coon, Jim – Detached #1


Detached #1

In case you were wondering about the concept of this comic, one morning a man wakes up to find that his body has detached itself from his head. Like the name, get it? DO YOU? Ahem. Anyway, the body has to go through a normal day at work, trying to get a girl to like him, and drinking out at the bars. This is a lot funnier than I thought it was going to be, frankly. It’s silly, obviously, but never really crosses that line into being stupid silly. OK, maybe it does, but it does it in an engaging enough way to make the book a fun read. Incredibly thin line, you have been successfully navigated! Wackiness ensues throughout the day, the funniest part being that nobody seems to notice that this guy is walking around without a head. I don’t know if this concept would hold up for a regular series (or even if that’s something that Jim has in mind, although the whole “number one” thing would indicate that there’s more), but I’d be curious to see it in action, and Jim has won me over enough with this issue to make me trust him for a little while. Worth a look, maybe there’s more samples on the website if you need more convincing. $2.95

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