Chandler, Richy – Tempo Lush #5: My Half Term Holiday




Tempo Lush #5: My Half Term Holiday

Richy has managed to keep his perfect record intact (in terms of this set of ten minis) with this mini, and that officially makes half the set.  I also feel compelled to point out that full color minis are rare enough, putting together a set of them (with the exception of #4 so far) should kill any lingering doubts about the cost of this set.  This mini is told from the perspective of a small child turning in a school project about what she did on her holiday.  “Jodie” says that it’s boring to start, so she decides to make a spaceship and go to the moon.  The whole comic is told with asides from the teacher, grading this as she goes and making little suggestions to the child, and it’s at this point that the teacher worries that this is going to be “another of your silly stories”.  Indeed, it does seem to be heading that way, especially after Jodie’s father comes to see his daughter with a spaceship of his own and they go off on an adventure.  The teacher is in for a bit of a shock when Jodie throws in a panel about seeing her teacher “giving a special hug” to the headmaster, and I have to stop with that or give the whole thing away.  Let’s just say it’s wonderfully awkward and Richy manages to nail both the naivety of the small child doing a mostly innocent report along and a teacher becoming increasing alarmed with the tone of said report.  He also does a nice job of making the art childlike but not awful, as it’s a fine line to walk.  I’m clearly biased as can be in favor of this set of minis (which is $16.50 and comes in an adorable teddy bear case), but hey, I am usually biased towards funny and imaginative comics, as I’m just old-fashioned that way.


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