Chandler, Richy – Tempo Lush #3: Govinda the Meditating Rabbit




Tempo Lush #3: Govinda the Meditating Rabbit

Well, this one certainly wins the truth in advertising award, if there were such an award for small press comic titles.  While events change around the rabbit, he is a constant in his position, which goes to show you how great he is at this meditation thing.  There’s not much of a linear story here (and I already told you about the title, so how much of a story did you think you’d be seeing?), but events in here include other students playing a practical joke with a tree, Govinda practicing several different methods of meditation, and his utter nonchalance at being interrupted by a featureless green blob.  It’s cute, it’s funny, and it’s tiny.  And it even has the benefit of ending the same way all of my serious attempts at meditation have ended, and if that’s a mystery to you then you have clearly not seriously attempted meditation.  As mentioned before, this is one of many minis, and the set goes for $16.50.


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