Robinson, Alex – BOP!



Just to make this clear right off the bat, this isn’t a new story, or a collection of new stories. It’s all the stories from the SPX anthologies, the 24 hour comic I reviewed above, a few pages from the comic over the years, and a story from something called Box Office Kolor Karnival. That last one was the best of the bunch. It was a longer story about Stephen and Jan (and the return of an old girlfriend), and Davie Shermans getting promoted and dealing with his new responsibilities. There aren’t many people out there doing comics who have a better ear for dialogue than Alex, so anything that’s new to me is welcome. Altogether, it’s probably new to most people, unless they’re all as obsessive about getting the SPX anthologies as I am. There’s also a tiny, tiny preview of his new work, Tricked, at the end of the book. He picked a great scene, where Clarice, a waitress, has an ex-boyfriend come into her restaurant with his new girlfriend. Get to work on that book, Alex! Just in case he’s paying attention. Contact info is up there, in case the Amazon link doesn’t work, as the new ones are kind of sketchy.

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