Vonduskra, Greg – Tread #7


Tread #7

Is it just me or is it getting longer between Treads? Don’t you slow down on me Vonduskra! Anyway, this one is all little memories he has from childhood. In here are stories about cracking his skull after falling off his bike, tasting the cat’s food, kissing a girl, and his reaction to Reagan getting shot. There’s also a long prose piece about a kid in camp running around naked, trying not to get caught because he wants to save his only towel for swimming the next day. It was OK, but I’m a much bigger fan of his comics. Altogether not the best issue he’s ever done, but it has plenty of good moments. It’s a bit smaller than his recent books and it’s $3, but points for the cool cover. Contact info is all over this page, I’m sure you can find it. Oh, and here’s another website that he mentions in his comic. Aren’t you curious what you’ll find there?

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