Porcellino, John – King Cat #70


King Cat #70

20 years of King Cat!  Holy crap.  I’ll have to try and not think about the fact that a chunk of people reading this weren’t even alive 20 years ago.  As an anniversary issue is the perfect time for nostalgia, if memory serves (and it often doesn’t) my first exposure to John was in King Cat #38, the issue where he talks about the life and death of his dog and the role it played in his life.  I was hooked instantly and went back and got as many of the older issues as I could find which, sadly, wasn’t all that many.  There still hasn’t been anything approaching a definitive collection of his work, probably because he’s ashamed of some of his older stuff, but I’m always all for putting a body of work out there, warts and all.  Everybody reading this already knows all about King Cat, of course, and all of you have sent John money for his comics at least once by now.  Hey, he’s even started Spit and a Half back up, and if you never heard of it and get nothing else out of this review, click on that link to see a wide selection of incredible minis that John somehow has the time to distribute himself.  So how about what’s in the book, am I ever going to get to that?  I kind of figured that a positive review was a given at this point, but since you insist, stories in here include how he’s given up drinking (but would like very much (at times) to give up the giving up), how maybe the pace of the suburbs is best for him after all, some adorable neighborhood animals, getting his wisdom teeth out because his insurance was about to run out, a dream and a bag of chips, Do the Pete Duncan, and a follow-up on Square Head John from issue #67.  As usual, that’s not all, as there’s also his top 40 list (expanded this time around), some one panel strips dealing with cats and a few other stories that I didn’t mention to leave you some surprises for when you inevitably order this comic.  You do like to be surprised, right?  And you do like great comics?  The man’s been doing this often thankless, poverty-inducing job for 20 years, send him some money out of love and gratitude, why don’t you?  I can’t think of anybody who deserves it more.  $3

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