Jay, Damien – The Natural World #2


The Natural World #2

Good news for people who like continuing stories but don’t like the inconvenience of missing the first issue: this comic has almost nothing to do with the first issue of this series.  Well, it’s set in the same world and the same little village, but the people involved are completely different this time around.  Things start off with a couple of women out working in the field, unaware that they’re being observed by an odd little hermit man who hasn’t seen women for a very long time.  He falls at least mildly in love with both of them but retains enough self-awareness to know that the women would probably run screaming if they saw him, so he makes a carving of a bird for them to find.  Unfortunately for him the women do find the carving but decide that it must be from a man in the village who one of the women has a crush on.  The hermit is unable to take this and can’t resist jumping out and confronting them.  As he suspected, this does not go well.  The comic also manages to leave us on a cliff-hanger, but it sounds like the third issue is going to go back to the characters from the first issue, so I’m not sure how this is all supposed to tie in.  Ah, that’s half the fun of series like this, trying to figure out where things are going.  As long as Damien has a clear idea in his head of where it all goes, I’m more than happy to stay along for the ride, especially if he’s going to make the individual issues as entertaining as they’ve been so far.  Fun stories of an odd little world and some great artwork are all I need, and this series clearly has plenty of both.  Check it out already!  $4

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