Taylor, Dan W. – Pork Belly #1


Pork Belly #1 Now Available!  $1

Sorry, let me just check to see if my head literally exploded from all the puns in one of the stories… nope, still attached. I generally have a problem with too many puns, or many at all really, but the piece in this one crossed right back over into being hilarious. No, I’m not sure how that happened and kids, you really shouldn’t try it at home. The story deals with two people who are showing each other sketches and making puns out of them. There’s “A horse, drawn buggy” and “Cow Bells,” but that pales in comparison to something being so asinine that it’s actually “asin-ten.” Seriously, kudos. Other stories include Chris Hoskin drawing two large boobs into something like an optical illusion, Dan retelling the (modern) story of a woman who was forced to breast feed the family hunting dogs because the husband had to send the wife’s family two cows to marry her in the first place and a pictorial representation of the theory “you are what you eat.” Boobs and more puns than you will usually see collected in one place, what’s not to love?  As with most of Dan’s comics this one is 8 pages, but what an 8 pages. $1

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