Sahagian, Mark – Teen Angst Comix! #3


Teen Angst Comix! #3

Oof.  I try to start these things off with something positive or, if I know it’s going to be a positive review, to start them off with at least one thing that could have been improved from the comic.  Just a little something to try to make the comics world a better place.  But with this one… oof.  OK, I’m sure that Mark is a perfectly wonderful person, and I’m sure that he has better comics than this out there, but this one was bad.  The art is mostly decent, and that’s the end of my nice comments.  This is a tiny thing about, well, teen angst.  What’s the phrase?  No subtext, all text?  That’s the case here.  It’s a simple gag: the first page has a teen complaining about something (parents wanting the kid to get a job to pay for gas and insurance and then they’ll be willing to buy a car, wishing for more excitement at school, and being annoyed at having been handed everything she ever wanted) and the second page has the kid acting out, either shooting up the place he/she isn’t happy with or shooting themselves full of drugs.  Yep, I get it, kids today have no appreciation whatsoever.  It’s a rare comic that manages to make me feel like I’ve been lectured when it’s only 8 pages long, but this one managed.  And there’s the fact that this was the third issue.  Were the other two just like this?  Talk about overkill.  Again, I’m sure Mark takes care of orphans in his spare time and I’m an awful person for not appreciating this, but really, being bashed over the head with one of the more obvious jokes in the world is always annoying.  Here’s hoping for better things, as I had no problem with his art and just think that it would be better served in a comic with a story.  At least it’s cheap… $.75

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