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Since I complain when people don’t do it, it’s best to start this review with a compliment: Whit put her e-mail and website address right on the back of her comic.  See how easy that is everybody?  Once I can get everybody in the world putting contact info in every book, erasing all pencil lines before releasing their comic into the wild and taking two seconds to check their spelling I can retire in peace.  As that’s never going to happen across the board, apparently I’m never going to be able to retire.  I do have one piece of advice for Whit: put a number after that title.  If this is your main form of making comics (single page strips posted first on her website), then chances are you’re going to put putting out more of these, correct?  Anyways, kudos for the title, as it’s a significantly better description for single page strips than, um, single page strips.  I’m going with onesies from now on.  So how’s the comic?  Pretty funny.  Strips in here deal with reactions to her drawing comics, trying to wrap her head around Facebook, deep thoughts about Disney characters, greatest fears, how everything feels the same at 12:01 on New Year’s Eve, a joke about a Fabio wig (which, in the strip, made no sense to the people the guy was talking to; I feel their pain), her admirable position of refusing to date a man who uses a Bluetooth (and ladies, if you’d all band together on this one the next generation would have significantly fewer assholes), giving up things versus doing evil for lent, deciding when exactly is a good time to start living in the moment, the projected theme of a strip club, whatever happened to Fruitopia, wallowing after a breakup, and what St. Patrick would be like if he was alive today.   So you have the occasional important insight, funny bits spread throughout, and a wide enough variety of subjects that you never get bored.  Seems like a pretty solid recipe for a good mini comic to me.  $3

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