Latta, Josh – Redskin Rashy: Rashy Rabbit #5



Redskin Rashy: Rashy Rabbit #5

Who needs a visible numbering system?  If people like this comic they’re going to get the new issues when they come out anyway, right?  Josh takes a big departure this time around by making most of the action in the comic take place outside, and outside the grid, with a group of “Indians” who are making their own way.  Rashy is saved from at least a beating from Benny by his friend Jimmy, who happens to stop by because he’s checking out the contents of a dumpster.  Jimmy lives off the grid and convinces Rashy to join him for a bit, they’re attacked by Indians and  spend the rest of the issue trying to figure out what happened to them, where they are and why they shouldn’t just stay there forever.  There’s mayhem, boobs, and some seriously funny lines, as is pretty much always the case for these Rashy Rabbit books.  This one didn’t strike me as being as funny as his previous issues, but I’m going to fail you completely by failing to point out a single reason why that’s the case.  Maybe because I can’t really relate to the outdoorsy stuff, even when told from the perspective of a creature that is obviously out of his depth?  Maybe so.  It’s still funny though, and there is character development, such as it is, between Rashy and his conversation with Mary.  There’s also random slapstick hilarity, if you’d prefer to stay far away from character development.  So what does all that rambling add up to?  Ambivalent, leaning towards liking a lot, possibly falling either way if I were to read it again.  In other words, it’s useless to you, the reader.  You’re welcome!  $4


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