Neal, Nate – The abc’s of Truckhead

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The abc’s of Truckhead Now Available! $2

If I’ve only seen two comics where there’s a page for each letter of the alphabet,is it OK to compare them even if they have nothing to do with each other? I thought so. This one is much more complex, sure. The art is more intricate, the writing (or at least the concepts) for the pages is better, but for some reason it didn’t make me smile as much. Maybe I’m a simple lad, or maybe I’m just sad, but this book does hold up pretty well on its own. Like the title says, each page in here starts with a letter of the alphabet. “K” and “L” sum up the complexities of this book nicely. “K” is for “Karma”, and it’s a one page epic of screwing, leaving and beer. “L” is for “Lethargy”, and it’s a simple cartoon about doing nothing. Truckhead doesn’t say much, but then, he does have a truck for a head. This book is much more complicated than the title might suggest. Lots of the pages look like a ton of thought went into making them, and you couldn’t really ask him to spend more time with the art. Here’s an e-mail address, as the website doesn’t appear to be working. $2!

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