Maslowe, Lisa – Catbox Room #3

Catbox Room #3

I’m going out on a limb a little bit with this one, so if anybody knows that this info is wrong, get in touch with me and I’ll fix it. Anyway, this is a good little book. It was done about 7 years ago, hence the confusion about her current whereabouts. It’s a big book for a mini, but there are only three stories in it. There’s a short one about a miniature village and two stories about different people either in love or trying to fall in love. I thought it was a bit dopey at first, honestly, until I realized that I was completely sucked into the characters and what was happening to them. Lots of things are talked about but nothing is examined all that deeply here, it’s more about the stories themselves than analyzing the motives of the characters. In the second story about Spring, for example, the main female character starts seeing a boy while still dating her long distance, long term boyfriend without much thought given to the reasons behind it. I’m not saying that this is a bad thing, as the book was still thoroughly entertaining, it’s just a surface view of the characters instead of looking around inside. If you’d like to get this book I’m pretty sure that you can send her $2 or so at: P.O. Box 170143, San Francisco, CA 94117. Or you can e-mail her through this website to see what else she has around, I saw something there called Northbound that I’d never seen before…

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