Maloney, Tim – Burger Habitrail


Burger Habitrail

I should point out beforehand that as best as I could tell from the website, this comic isn’t actually for sale. There is a mammoth pile of minis that goes for $75 and I’m guessing it’s in there, or maybe you could e-mail the folks involved and have them help you out. Have I mentioned that I found this at Quimby’s and it’s from 1998?? Anyway, how about that comic? In this shortie a bear named Fireplug despairs at the world and everything in it, until he is shown that there are actual good things in the world. Good start, excellent message in the middle and a good punchline, you can’t ask for more out of something that’ll take you about 20 seconds to read. And if you have a lot of money and want a ton of minis quickly, well, you could do a lot worse than clicking on that link… $.50

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