Leidy, Patty – Zero Hour: Blue Plate Special


Zero Hour: Blue Plate Special

I should warn you all right off that bat that I mostly don’t like newspaper “funnies”, mostly because they never make me laugh. That being said, this one starts off a little bit behind the eight ball, and the comic itself did nothing to change my mind. It’s a series of strips about the life of the author, Patty Leidy, and her adventures with her roommate Ant. I usually try to find something nice to say about any comic, but there really wasn’t anything here that I thought was more than OK. Here’s an e-mail address, apparently the website is down. Mostly nothing happens at all in the strips, so I’m not sure what to tell you about that either. Some of them just blatantly waste time until the strip is over. Mostly they’re obsessed with pez and Godzilla, which isn’t always a bad thing by any means. I just didn’t like it, OK? Check it out for yourself though, she seems like a nice enough person and my opinion shouldn’t convince you not to even look at it.

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