Jacobsen, Alan – Cat-n-Monkey #1


Cat -n- Monkey #1

That monkey has to be one of the more obnoxious characters I’ve ever seen in a comic. This is a simple book about the adventures of a monkey and a cat. The cat hates the monkey, but somehow feels compelled to hang out with it endlessly. As for whether or not it’s worth a look, it’s hard to say and I’m being wishy-washy about it. The first half or so wasn’t that great, but I still wanted to kill that monkey and that must count for something. Alan seemed to find his stride a little bit in the second half. A funny part here, a funny part there, it got a lot better. And there is something to be said for the simplistic and crappy art. Just to clarify here, I don’t mean “crappy” in a bad sense, if that’s possible. It’s obviously intentionally pretty basic and it works well for what he’s doing here. Ah, e-mail him to throw him a couple of bucks and find out for yourself. It at least provokes a strong reaction…

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