Greig – Clutch #2

Clutch #2

What makes a good diary comic? For that matter, what makes a bad one? Honestly, the people I’ve seen who get around to drawing a comic about every day of their lives generally see things about their days that most people miss, making their comics important for everybody to read. That’s the case with Clutch. Greig doesn’t do much, really, unless you focus on the little things, in which case he’s busy all the time. I got the first three issues of Clutch and thought that #2 was the strongest, probably because it was the biggest one and it all just seemed so fresh. #3 started to feel a bit repetitive to me, honestly, but it was still worth reading, especially because it starts right after #2 ends, so you can follow every day of his life. #1 was different in that it was more of a joke strip. Some of them were extremely funny and all of them were at least worth reading, even if the art looked awful at times. Anyway, I’m supposed to be writing about this issue, right? It’s 40 days in the life of Greig, from 8/30/01 to 10/8/01. There are a couple of profound comments about 9/11, but it isn’t talked about that much. Get these as they come out, that’s my advice to you. He’s got a great sense of humor and he seems dedicated, which are both great things to support in the comics world. Send him money (you can send him $5 and some postage and get all three issues) at: P.O. Box 12409 Portland, OR 97212.

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