Forsman, Chuck – Snake Oil #1


Snake Oil #1

Ah, the random submissions, they do keep me going. This one has just the right mix of a definite story starting somewhere in the confusion and thoroughly random plot points that’ll probably all come together in the end, assuming Chuck doesn’t give up on things completely. Things start off with Tim and Bob together in a restaurant. Tim is down about a breakup so Bob is trying to cheer him up, but Tim vanishes after a strange man and two men with the head of buffalo take him away in a black body bag. Meanwhile Darryl, Bob’s son, finds a pipe and his friend Kim smokes it, putting her in a damned near catatonic state. Oh, and Tim wakes up in a field and finds a small naked boy in a tree, trying to reach his father who is flying overhead in a plane. Where is all this going? What the hell is going on? No idea, but that’s the joy of first issues, especially the ones where there seems to be a master plan at work. There’s also an excellent unrelated story at the end of the book, dealing with a drunk man who may or may not secretly be a giant bird. Probably not, though. It’s $5, fairly hefty, gorgeous and more than mildly thought-provoking, so what more do you want?

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