Collier, David – Colliers #2


Colliers #2

What a woefully empty page this is. In case you don’t know who David Collier is, he’s one of the best creators ever of autobio comics. Actually, they’re usually less about him than they are about somebody he either knew or researched, so I guess “autobio” isn’t the best term. Journal comics? Whatever the case, he’s been around for ages and is a genius, so it’s great to see that he finally has a regular series going again. This one is about his friend Brat X back in the 80’s. He also explains getting his first letter from R. Crumb and how he was developing artistically those days, but it’s mostly about his friend and all of his little idiosyncrasies. If you don’t know anything about this guy I’d recommend one of the bigger books first just so you have more to go on, if you already know about the guy, well, he has a new issue out. Get to the comic store! Or just go to the website

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