Zwirek, Jeff – Jack Rabbit #3


Jack Rabbit #3 Now Available! $2

Hooray for a website! Due to my total lack of memory I have no idea when the last issue came out (I’m guessing around six months), but the art in this one has improved by leaps and bounds. Not that the other issues looked crappy or anything, this one just looks a lot more solid. No awkward anatomical impossibilities or anything like that. The story continues here, obviously, and three cheers for the synopsis at the start of the comic of the last two issues. There’s a whole lot going on here, which would probably be easier to follow if there was more of a regular publishing schedule, but what are you going to do? The humor was cut down quite a bit this issue, with it primarily focusing on Jack’s depression and his “shaking down” his prostitute girlfriend for information without letting his partner know that they know each other. Another solid issue, definitely worth checking out.

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