Zwirek, Jeff – Jack Rabbit #5


Jack Rabbit #5 Now Available! $1

Well, here it is, the last issue of Jack Rabbit, due to (as Jeff calls it) “popular disinterest”. Well, that sucks, but it also happens quite a bit in this business. So how’s the last issue? Are all the storylines wrapped up? Does that dog ever get his revenge on that turtle? No and no. Jack has a long, revealing conversation with his brother and gets slashed and beaten up, and tries to have a conversation with Sandy. A lot is revealed in this last issue, granted, but a lot is also left up in the air. Is that for other stories in other places, or just so it can be left permanently open-ended? Who knows? I’d prefer some sort of giant explosion or alien invasion on the last page, but then, I’m also a very lazy storyteller. Here’s hoping that he goes on to bigger and better things, as there’s some serious comic talent here. Contact info is up there, get yer issues now before they become collectors items! Hey, it could happen…

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