Zettwoch, Dan – A Story About Collectin’!


A Story About Collectin’!

All this for $1? This is a pretty dense little book, a story of an older man and his collection of junk. Or treasure, depending on how you look at it. It’s refreshing to see a story that focuses on an elderly couple. Sure, maybe more people can relate to the stories that are about 20-something slackers, but it can get a bit monotonous at times, even when it’s done well. Anyway, I liked this one. Maybe the reason I’m liking most everything these days is because I’m buying stuff like this based on the recommendations of the people on The Comics Journal Message Board, so it shouldn’t be all that surprising that I’d share some of the same opinions. The actual story doesn’t really even get started until the main character finds a key and a locked box while fishing but, again, I’m not going to go into details here. Are you telling me that you don’t have a dollar to check this out? It takes a while to read and it’s a good story. Cripes, he even researched the hell out of everything. You can get this from Kevin Huizenga’s page or you can just send him a few bucks (maybe he has some other stuff that he can send to you) at: Shotguns and Typewriters 1411 15th St. San Francisco CA 94103.

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