Wolfgang, Kurt – Noe-Fie #6


Noe-Fie #6

Another case of me digging through the vault to post about somebody I think you should look at, but it’s OK this time because this is still in print. I still think that his anthology Lowjinx #2 is one of the best minis ever, even if it is a bit too “comics insider” for some people. He’s still doing that in this issue, bitching about comics to people who are reading his comic, so it seems kind of like a waste of time to me. My only complaint about his style though, really. I like his art a lot. He accuses himself (in his comic) about being too obsessive to leave any blank spaces, but I think it works. There are all kinds of little stories in this one too, and most of them are funny. He’s somebody that everybody should keep an eye on. Maybe not this coming year (or maybe, I’m just guessing here and I’m no expert), but he’ll do something big one of these years, mark my words. He just has too much talent not to. Pick up some of these (don’t start with this one unless you feel like reading about the state of modern comics three years ago, although there is enough good stuff in it to make it worth getting) and see what you think. He did a wordless comic too recently, I’ll let you know what that one’s all about when I get around to getting a copy. Until then, go to his webpage (down as of 7/26/07) and buy all kinds of stuff.

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