Williams, Dylan – Reporter #6


Reporter #6 Now Available! $4

This seems to be a page full of rants, doesn’t it? It’s purely because I see this as something that has serious potential to be read over and over again, something that rewards careful reading… and something that doesn’t come out nearly often enough for this impatient brain to deal with. Just wanted to make that perfectly clear. This issue is essentially a series of philosophical discussion, done with a new hire, Adam Jones, as he wanders around an office party. He manages to annoy everybody he talks to, but the conversations along the way are fascinating, dealing with making a living at what you love (and how, if you can’t make a living, it must be because you’re not any good at it), religion, and politics. And yes, I probably should be more descriptive, but when a book is a series of conversations, detailing the exact direction of those conversations kills more than a bit of the mystery. I have no idea how this fits into the grand Reporter picture (although Dylan does insist on the inside cover that it all does fit together), but it’s a fairly compelling book on its own. I noticed looking around the page that I never got around to reviewing Reporter #1. Maybe in a few weeks (which sometimes translates to “a few years” around here) I can get around to that, read the whole series for the first time in years and get a more complete picture of where this might be going. Hey, this page is already fragmented enough, why not have a complete series review under the first issue? $4

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