Van Sciver, Noah – Blammo #5



Blammo #5

You can already tell it’s going to be a good day when a new Blammo arrives in the mail.  If Noah gets Wilford Brimley to read that in a commercial I believe that he’ll be set for life, assuming Wilford Brimley is still alive and is willing to do a commercial for a comic book.  Noah decided to take a little break from his Abe Lincoln graphic novel after getting the urge to release another Blammo into the world (and after life threw his girlfriend one of those “you have got to be fucking kidding me” problems) and I’m glad that he did.  Um, not of the circumstances that led to it though.  Not a fan of that at all.  Stories in this issue include a thank you note to all sorts of people, the adventures of the fastest (balding) man in the world, practical jokes with a time machine, chickens resuming their endless wanderings (and being accosted by both skeleton people and cops), a very old and mysterious haunted house (and all of the strange stories that come with such a thing), his reaction to constantly being asked to draw science fiction stories, how he would fare in prison, the many freaks that ride Greyhound (and how he had to wait 8 hours in the middle of nowhere after a clearly faked bomb threat), a clinical description of paranoia and a chance encounter with an old crush.  Like last time Noah has used every tiny bit of this comic, clearly emulating the Native Americans of old, and it really does improve the whole package.  See, this is what I’m talking about when I bitch in reviews about the importance of doing the basics correctly.  There are letters, praise from other comics folk, links to people he fancies at the moment, little comics crammed into blank spots and even an update on his life.  And did I mention that the whole thing is in color?  It bears mentioning.  Look, I’ve already praised this guy up and down, there’s no longer any excuse not to check out his stuff.  I’d say just send him $20ish and buy the whole set of #1-5, but that’s just me talking.  $5 (not $4 like the cover says, which is going to cause him no end of troubles, I’m sure).


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