Suerte, Adam – Aprendiz #2


Aprendiz #2 Now Available! $3.95

More tales about learning to be a tattoo artist, with this issue focusing mostly on the dues he had to pay to get anywhere near a needle. It’s fascinating stuff, and it’s a side of things that I’ve honestly never given much thought to. Who goes into tattoo places? How often are people just there to kill time, and how many stupid questions does the average person who works there have to deal with in the course of a day? It seems that no fat women ever come in his store though, just skinny ones with enormous boobs. Hey, maybe he just likes drawing boobs, there’s no law against that. He also tells about his woes of trying to market the first issue, as this was his first comic venture on a large scale. It’s disheartening to see how many quality books are just ignored these days. It must be especially tough for something like this, because most comic people (not all, and I’m speaking generally here) aren’t the type to get a bunch of tattoos, so they probably can’t relate to a lot of this. Hey, why do you need to relate? The man is telling an interesting story about something that a lot of people have never given any thought Like I said before, the art is awfully easy to look at too. Maybe one of these days I’ll find him at a con and get a tattoo, he seems to offer them as a promotional thing. I think it’s $3.95, but there’s no price tag on the book so I’m not sure. Contact info is up there, it’s worth checking out.

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