Steinke, Aron Nels – Big Plans #4



Big Plans #4

This one goes out to all the people who have ever had their laptops stolen, although I suppose it would work just as well for any old computer or easily identifiable item.  This is the story of Aron’s girlfriend (?) getting her laptop stolen out of her house in 2006 and everything that came next.  I love how Aron sets up his comics (well, the two that I’ve seen), as he really takes his time on the first few pages and really sets the scene.  We see the cat wandering around an empty house and the already open door before the owner (Ariel) even walks in the door.  It’s a little thing, granted, but attention to detail like that really goes a long way in my book.  Ariel calls Aron, they make a police report but are under no illusions about actually getting it back.  While looking around online a few days later Ariel notices what sure looks like her computer being listed for sale on Craig’s List, and the police are surprisingly willing to set up a sting to catch the guy.  Well, it was surprising to me.  I always assumed cops didn’t bother with stuff like stolen laptops, or at least not to the extent of dedicating half a dozen people to the operation.  Anyway, a plan is laid out, a couple of undercover cops go into the meet in place of Aron and Ariel, and I’m confounded by not being able to give away the ending.  We do get to see Aron and Ariel waiting in the back of the cop car as they hear what the cops are really thinking of the people walking by.  Not unexpected, but stereotypes coming to life are always funny.  It’s a good story.  More than a little maddening for a number of reasons (related to the story itself, not the quality of the comic), but it was a real peek inside to this whole process.  $5


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