Silva, Rick & Stella, Glen – Zephyr & Reginald: Minions For Hire #2


Zephyr & Reginald: Minions For Hire #2

OK, comics nerds: who out there can point out what that cover is in reference to? Probably a good chunk of you (I know I can). It doesn’t have a thing to do with the actual content, but a great cover nonetheless. In this issue the two minions need to find a new job, what with Cold Shoulder being behind bars, and land with a guy named Stuart Despot (or Dr. Despot, as he prefers to be known). Due to the nature of the comic Dr. Despot isn’t left with a whole lot to do here other than play the straight man to the two minions, who are secretly trying to keep the guy from blowing up the world. There’s also a nice bit about how the two of them help ‘Lectric Lass escape a couple of times and end up as drinking buddies. And did I mention the bit about the mostly nonfunctional and unarmed giant robot? Plenty of funny stuff in here, here’s hoping these two are able to get together more often and crank a few of these out. It shouldn’t be too difficult, seeing as how they’re married to each other and all…$3.50

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