Robinson, Alex – Brilliant Mistake #1


Brilliant Mistake #1

I’m sure there are bad examples of 24 hour comics out there, but all the ones I can think of have been amazing. This one is no exception. It’s no secret that I thought Box Office Poison was one of the best books of last year and this comic focuses on Caprice, a character that was introduced late in the book. I liked the addition of the time of the completed pages in the lower corner of all of the pages, it gives you a real sense of how fast he works. It looks great for a 24 hour book. Some of them, innovative as they usually are, look sloppy or rushed, at least towards the end. This one looked great. Add to that another 24 hour comic on the reverse side by Mike Dawson which is also great and you have a book that’s worth the steep $5 asking price. Check out his website or just send him $5 at 208 W. 23rd St. Dept 1616 New York City, NY 10011. Or just e-mail him to bug him about putting out another graphic novel…

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