Roberts, Rafer – Plastic Farm 13.1


Plastic Farm #13.1

Yep, you’re reading that right, this is one of those infamous “preview” issues. Rafer is putting out a graphic novel, sort of an in between thing, that covers the period between the end of #12 and the start of #13. The introduction to this book says that this graphic novel is coming out in 2007, but it’s getting towards the end of August as I write this and I don’t see much of an indication when this is actually hitting the shelves. Gasp! A comic that might come out later than the creator intended! Whatever shall the comics world do. Seriously, I’d love for it to come out this year, purely because I’ve really gotten attached to this series and there’s been a serious lack of new material lately. But if it has to wait until 2008 to have the quality the people involved want it to have, well, take your time, folks. This preview deals with Jonathan Picanos before he started killing people and when he was just starting to learn how to control his body and regulate external injuries. Yes, I should probably remember exactly who that guy is, but it’s been a long time between issues. One thing I did like about this preview is that, rather than being a disjointed chunk of a graphic novel, this functions as a pretty straightforward issue in its own right. Plenty of philosophical ramblings to mull over, and a nice “gap” issue to tide over the ever-increasing (I’m hoping anyway), rabid fan base.

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