Porcellino, John – King Cat Classix #2


King Cat Classix #2

If the quality of the first collection of King Cat comics was a bit spotty at times (the guy was, after all, just starting out), that problem is taken care of in this second volume.  It collects the best bits of #11-20 (in case you can’t read that on the cover) and even has a few stories taken from anthologies or previously unpublished, so even if you were awesome enough to collect these when they first came out you’re likely to run into something you haven’t seen.  Stories in this issue include whether or not mice turn into money over time, a dream of dancing with the Throwing Muses, a jam comic involving penises pulled too hard, a silent shortie about a family picnic (barely), attending an art school party that ends with John going to the bathroom and being drunk enough to see two penises (definitely the first time I’ve used “penises” twice in one run-on sentence), a fantastic center spread, a dream involving John as a detective that is impossible to describe, teaching a cat to jump from car to car, rescuing a cat from a roof, his job that he could only take for 2 1/27 days, The Mouse getting in trouble, a giant dream cat and a bloody nose.  That’s the bare bones of it.  If it’s true that I have even the tiniest voice in the land of mini comics, somebody make this so: put these old minis back in print!  If Fantagraphics can put out a huge collection of comics from the 80’s, why not put all of these comics into one huge volume?  It’s not like you’d be hurting for material.  Oh well, most likely wishful thinking.  If you can find this for the love of Jehovah buy it, but you probably know that already…

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