Piskor, Ed – Isolation Chamber #2


Isolation Chamber #2

More diary strips, this time from 12/23/04 to 1/28/05, again with days getting skipped here and there, again with him only chiming in when he actually has something to say instead of just doing a strip for the sake of doing one that day. At least that’s the impression I got. This one is more of the same from #1, but Ed is also dealing with a tiny degree of fame from the American Splendor book and keeping his comics group tiny and elitist after a newspaper article comes out about said group. He also deals with drugged out friends, lending money to his parents, mentoring his baby sister, creeping baldness (at 22), and snowmen on car hoods. It looks like he decided to abandon the diary strip idea after this, which, while slightly disappointing, is OK by me if it means he has more time to do things like Deviant Funnies. In the meantime there are some good insights in here on artistic integrity and the technicalities involved in getting anything sold and/or published. $1.50

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