Parkhill, Tod – The Ill-Fated Voyage of the Yacmobile


The Ill-Fated Voyage of the Yacmobile

Hey, when I get to pick the title I’m always going to go with just the better one. Tod had the brilliant idea to cut back on expenses for hotels, flights and rental cars by getting an RV and touring the country. Seriously, it’s such a good idea that you know already there’s no chance of it working out well. Before getting started on this tour Tod decides to take it to Michigan with his fiancee and his cat, as they’ve decided to move there. It’s a comedy of errors from there, if you could call the vehicle systematically falling apart “errors”. This is a fantastic travel journal all around, and this is free as a “thank you” to all the people who helped while this vehicle was impounded and/or in need of repairs. Personally I think he should sell the minis for $1000 each to try and recoup the losses, but there’s probably a lot more to be said for giving these things away…

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