Northfield, Gary – Cecil the Nice Wasp


Cecil the Nice Wasp

Why do so many of Gary’s books look rushed? Maybe he draws them on planes on the way to conventions or something. Either way, the rushed, sloppy art does help add to the frantic pace of a book like Cecil. This is a short book about Cecil, a wasp who just wants to be loved! But he’s a bully and doesn’t see how this would put people off, so he decides to take his revenge! It’s much too short for me to tell you anything past that. Look, sloppy art or not, I liked this one. I love the sheer randomness of his comics. I’d guess this one is $2-3, it’s gorgeous anyway and can’t imagine it’d be less. Send the man an e-mail (this one is different from the one posted above and this comic is more recent, so I’d say this is where to go) or check out a version of this comic online.

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