Neno, Michael – Michael Neno’s Reactionary Tales #1


Michael Neno’s Reactionary Tales #1

First review back, so I apologize to all of you if this doesn’t measure up to my usual incoherent, rambling self. Hm, that might be a good thing. Maybe this will seem more focused somehow. Anyway, how about that Michael Neno! I didn’t know a thing about this before I bought it, but anything that can make me laugh in this day and age (it’s September 21st, 2001as I’m writing this, so you know what I’m talking about) is much appreciated. He has a bizarre sense of humor that fits with me. It might not with you, but I guarantee you’ll either love it or hate it. A Kirby-esque cover and some definite mainstream influence. This Eternal Flaw (about a canine man and his troubles) is hilarious, even if I get the impression that he’s making it up as he goes. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it can get ugly for continuing stories. As long as it stays this funny it probably won’t matter much. Larvae Boy was great too. Ack, I feel like Bob Odenkirk reading to the blind guy in the Mr. Show skit. “Man, I wish you could see this, it’s so funny!” If you guys are looking for a funny book that has nothing to do with the real world or current events, here you go. The main stories are about a depressed boy who controls the insect kingdom and a canine man who can’t stop throwing acid into the face of a superhero. Funny shit.

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