Martin, Dale – Watusi the Talking Dog #2


Watusi the Talking Dog #2

OK, this isn’t your traditional comic (whatever that is), but it’s a good enough idea that I wanted to mention it on my page. It’s your traditional 4 panel gag strip, basically, with a twist: it’s a jam comic. Meaning that Dale usually writes the first panel, sometimes the last, and lets other people fill in the rest of it. The results in this book ranged from cute to stupid, but I wanted to let all the comics people who read this site (not that there are hundreds of you or anything, but whoever happens to catch this) know that there’s a jam comic out there. Sure, a talking dog might seem like a silly concept to a lot of to work with, but make it your own! It doesn’t matter what you think of that first panel, make the rest of it your own. That’s the whole point of this type of thing. E-mail the guy or submit some work to: P.O. Box 442612 Lawrence, KS 66044.

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