Latta, Josh – Tripe #1


Tripe #1

Wow, after the previous two issues on this page, this one ends up looking downright wholesome. It’s a collection of short pieces, not a coherent single story like his previous books. First up is a fairly dopey but good-natured piece about a traveling sno cone salesman, complete with a little dance number in the middle and an abrupt ending. Next up is the highlight of the piece, in which Frankenstein and his girlfriend are having an argument about her past history with the Wolfman. Well, she’s having an argument, Frankenstein is mostly groaning. Then there’s an absolutely adorable silent love story, involving a Ziggy-ish creature falling for a woman he sees while walking around, although it does get a little less adorable in a hurry. Finally there’s a piece about a man with an unhealthy competitive streak who’s unable to beat a mentally handicapped kid at bowling. There are moments of hilarity all over the place in the final three stories, only the first one here didn’t do much for me. Not a bad ratio for a $2 mini…

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