Koslowski, Rich – Three Fingers


Three Fingers

Sure is tough to find pictures of some stuff online, for whatever reason. I did learn that Rich was the guy who did 3 Geeks, which is something that I’ve never read but have seen around the comic store. Riveting, I know, but I’m mentioning that because it always looked forgettable, and this graphic novel is anything but. It’s a story told like a documentary in comics form of the first cartoon star, but obviously all the names have been changed to prevent lawsuits and such. Don’t worry, you can tell who everybody is supposed to be. The title is based on the concept from the book that only cartoons with three fingers would be able to get work and the lengths that they all went to to get it. I don’t use the word “gripping” often in reviews, but there you have it, it was gripping. I was totally locked into the story from start to finish and thought it was a great concept. Anybody who is looking for a change from what the alternative comics scene has to offer should take a look at this, because I don’t think there’s anything like it out there. As for the art, the guy is a professional animator. How do you think it looked?

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