Parkhill (Kitley), Corey Marie – My Plan To Save The Earth


My Plan To Save The Earth

In case you were wondering, yes, this is another one of those 15 minute comics, and this has to be the ugliest one yet. Don’t think I’m talking trash here though, as ALL of these comics look like varying degrees of crap. Hey, you try to do a comic in 15 minutes, see how neat it ends up. This one is all one panel per page, so it takes right around 10 seconds to read it. As for the story, you might think from that title that this has something to do with saving the earth from global warming, or natural disasters, or Republicans. Nope! This is a very brief guide on how to fool the aliens that are inevitably going to come here to enslave/kill us all. All in all just an OK comic, but I highly recommend her 24 hour comic up yonder…

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