Kelberman, Dina – The Regular Man #5



The Regular Man #5

This isn’t a review for a comic so much as it is a chance for me to mention that for the next three people to order comics from this site, this little thing comes along free.  Free!  Who doesn’t like free comics?  This is a series that Dina is putting out on a monthly basis, a full color thing that contains two pages of comics to go along with a front and back cover.  In a perfect world comics like this would be inserted into your Sunday paper instead of the crap that’s in them now, but we have to make due with this world.  Comics in this issue include tears, idiots, getting accepted to grad school, and “I Like A Book”.  If you’re thinking it’s not worth getting because it’s so tiny, well, you clearly haven’t read her graphic novel, and you clearly don’t know how much she can do with a tiny amount of space.  Besides, this comic also contains photographic evidence of the existence of Dina, or at least that she has the money to employ a stunt double to hold up the title.  She also offers subscriptions of 12 issues for $15, in case you don’t want to bother with the free copy and want to get a pile of whatever comics she has out there.  No sample for you, as, like I mentioned, this is only two pages long, and those two pages are done as a spread, so I’d have to sample the whole thing, and that would be cheating.

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