Kapolczynski, Matt – Marbled Up #1


Marbled Up #1

Ah, a local (central Illinois) boy. There aren’t too many of these around here. Something about the water that prevents people from doing quality comics, I don’t know the real reason. Anyway, this is a collection of stories, and it’s pretty good. There are times when he gets a bit preachy and it borders on the cliche, but overall the book keeps up a pretty good pace and the parts that are supposed to be funny actually are. Lots of frantic, anime-style stories with little punctuation and constant action, and a few introspective stories thrown in as well. It’s not all perfect, but most of it works and it’s worth a look. He seems to have a command of the English language as well. I might have seen one spelling error and that was it. E-mail the guy to see if he’s done anything else (I should also mention that this was his first comic, so he can only get better) or just send him a couple of bucks at: 145 N. Park Ave. Lombard, IL 60148. Try the e-mail first though, this book is a couple of years old and he might have moved…

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