Johnson, Cole – Sugar Free Days #1


Sugar Free Days #1

Is everything at the USS Catastrophe page great? Well, yes, at least as far as I’ve been able to tell so far. This is another random buy. which I made secure in the knowledge that I hadn’t seen anything really bad on that page yet, and it was a very well spent $2. Some minis are large but take only a minute to read, or you have the tiny ones where you’re done right away, with no clear idea of what you just read. Not the case here. This is a solid book, all kinds of layers to uncover here and a lot just sitting on the surface. It’s a look back at Cole’s (I’m guessing here, he could be making all this up) childhood and his group of friends. Girls aren’t really a factor yet, making this a true childhood book, if that makes any sense. They’re not distracted by chasing girls yet, anyway. The dialogue feels real, everything in the early parts rings of youth. The last story is a more recent one, from a binge and the next day or so, with an interesting moral puzzle thrown in. I’ll be ordering anything else he has on that website as soon as I get a few bucks and I’d recommend that you do the same. Send him an e-mail directly or you can reach him at: P.O. Box 2547 Austin, TX 78768-2547.

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