Hob – Florence of Arabia #2


Florence of Arabia #2

Ever read one of those comics where you just don’t have any idea what to think about it until it’s over? This is one of those. Not individually, though. The two issues Eli sent me were short but interesting, it’s just that he’s heading towards a conclusion and it’s not here yet, leaving my opinion about the whole thing in limbo. I like what I’ve seen. A disembodied head, a snail disguised as a camel and a naked scientist from the future all lead up to, at the very least, an interesting story.His art is what they call “easy on the eyes” as well. Kind of resembles Scott Mills, if I had to pick anybody, but more layered and complex. Not to be putting down Scott or anything… Anyway, these (this and #1) are worth a look, but you might want to wait until the whole thing is done so you can tell just what the hell is going on… Contact info is above, in case you’ve never seen my page before.

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