Hill, Jonathan – One of the Johns Preview


One of the Johns Preview

You know when preview editions are great? When they have at least a few new things that, even once the actual issue comes out that you’re previewing, will still be unique. Or maybe they’re just crap that’s left over from unfinished comics, but if I’ve never seen them they’re new to me! In here you have a story about another Pixies song (Gigantic), the aforementioned preview of One of the Johns and a story about the two title characters beating the crap out of everybody at an emo show. In the title story a couple of punk rock kids pick their nose, beat up an old lady and talk to the town drunk. If that sounds boring I’m just telling it wrong. It was pretty great stuff all the way through, as it’s hard for me to choose between a story about a Pixies song and a crowd of motionless emo kids getting the crap kicked out of them. Not that I have anything against emo in theory, I guess. Anyway, it’s $3, contact info is up there and you should be reading whatever you can find from this guy on a regular basis. Oh, and here’s a website.

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