Hill, Dan – The Fifty Flip Experiment #9



The Fifty Flip Experiment #9

Damn, and this one got off to such a good start.  This comic starts off with a funny strip (sampled, you can make up your own minds), then a mildly funny strip about the nature of art and pretension, then things went off the rails.  See, if you’re going to have one long story in a comic that’s usually about short funny pieces, it really has to be able to hold your attention, and this one just went on and on and on… and even promises that it’ll be continued in the next issue!  Blech.  What’s so awful?  It’s really not that bad of an idea for a strip, and you can tell the theme for the cover.  Things start with it being a parody of an infomercial, with everybody over-excited to be drinking tears and wondering where they come from.   Then it goes on to give rejected criers, uses for the tears and a reaction from an art snob.  Unless he’s planning on making this into a continuing story and somehow manages to make it funny and interesting again after running it into the ground, it’s safe to say I’m skipping #10.  Not that the whole issue is a wash, there are still four single page strips after the long piece, but it’s not enough to save the comic.  Check out some of the other issues for some genuine funny, but unless your sense of humor is entirely different from mine (that’s entirely possible), skip this one.  $2


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